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The Walking Dead:

Saints & Sinners


These are the weapons I did SFX for on TWDSS. The discharges are simple 3D firing SFX with 2D tails that have int/ext variants. I try and convey the force of the weapon through a focused, sharp attack and an embellished report.

The other interactions that are novel to VR, like the lever and bolt actions were the really fun stuff. VR is really a treasure trove of fun for sound design 

Iron Clad

Pitch Video

This is a pitch video we did in UE3. This version isolates the sound design. The main idea we were trying to convey was the immense size of the Ironclad with "the reveal" showing even larger alien invaders.

Creature Sound Design

These are sounds I created for various creatures. The first animation is a test video that Epic sent me. The giant worm with teeth is a still shot from Leviathon but approximates a creature I did sounds for on Jade Empire but the creature was cut. The last still is from Horizon's: Empires of Istaria, the first game I worked on.

VO Processing

These are examples of processing I did for some Jade Empire characters to make the actor performances more like magical creatures than humans

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